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Stay safe.
Even online.

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How CapitalBrain
protects your data

The security of client's personal information is a priority for Capital Brain. We have developed enhanced measures to protect your data, transactions and deposits.

Details of how we receive and use your data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

A solid foundation for your investment

Reliable server performance

Our broker is equipped with advanced technical infrastructure, including high-performance servers that provide instant access to the markets and minimal delay in order execution.

Data backup at the highest level

We prioritise the security of your data. Our technical infrastructure includes a top-of-the-line data backup system for rapid recovery when needed.

Technological safety measures

We take thorough technological security measures to ensure that your assets and sensitive information are continuously protected from potential threats.

Reliability at every step

We provide stability and continuity of operations so you can focus on your investment strategies, relying on our high-tech approach to safety and efficiency.

Insurance fund

As part of our commitment to your financial protection, we have established an insurance fund. This fund represents an additional layer of security, assuring you that your capital will remain safely protected in the event of unforeseen events.

We focus on providing financial stability and peace of mind to our clients. An insurance fund is our way of confirming that your safety is our pride.

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We guarantee your financial security:

High-level encryption

All your financial data is protected using advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorised access.

Regular security audits

Our system undergoes regular security audits to ensure it meets the highest standards of data security.

Multi-level authentication

Additional layers of protection in the form of multi-level authentication ensure that only you have access to your account.

Secure payment methods

We only use verified and certified payment methods to ensure your payment and financial security.

Liquidity providers

Deutsche Bank

Provides a wide range of financial services including corporate and personal banking, investment banking, asset management, insurance and more.

Goldman Sachs

It is the largest U.S. global bank and financial corporation. The company is widely recognised for its role in investment banking, asset management, securities trading and other financial services.

Merrill Lynch

It is an American financial services company that provides a wide range of investment and financial advisory services. The company has become one of the largest financial organisations in the United States.

Morgan Stanley

It is a financial corporation with an impressive portfolio of financial services. The company has become one of the global leaders in investment banking, asset management and other financial services.


Provides a variety of banking services covering all areas of banking activities. This includes retail banking services for private customers and small businesses, as well as services for large companies.

Bank of America

Provides a wide range of financial services, including bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, investment banking and asset management. The Bank has numerous branches and ATMs.

Barclays Bank

It has many clients worldwide and provides services to both private individuals and corporate clients. The Bank is also active in the field of social responsibility, supporting various charity programmes.

JP Morgan Chase

It is one of the largest financial institutions in the world and plays a key role in the international financial system. It ranks among the key liquidity providers, ensuring the stability and functioning of many financial markets.